March 21, 2016

Jeremiah's Toddler Bedroom

How is it possible that Jeremiah has turned 3 years old already? And we are now expecting baby #3 in less than 2 weeks. Eeek!

As a result, Jeremiah is getting booted out of the nursery he shares with Emma and into his own room (which will also continue to function as a guest room) so that Emma and Baby 3 can share the nursery together. 

As a guest room, this tiny bedroom (10'X9') had very little in it except the furniture - bed, dresser, desk. Old curtains hung on the windows (only one panel per window too). No art or pictures were on the wall. The paint color was light and neutral but had a slightly greenish tint to it. So, I was starting with bare bones in here when it came time to create Jeremiah's new room.

I wanted to create a cute boy-ish room for Jeremiah that was still sophisticated enough for him to grow into and for guests to feel comfortable. And as usual, I had a very small budget (aroun $150) and wanted to use mostly what I already had on hand.

We started by emptying the few furniture items out of the room and Joey gave the walls 2 coats of paint  in a neutral color (with no green tint like before).

From there, I went to work adding new curtains and some new bedding, hanging art and pictures, and stocking the wall shelf with memorabilia and little boy stuff (most of it was on the shelf above his bed in the nursery).

Jeremiah is very excited about his new room. He loves the dinosaur string art and the arrow on the wall! He already took one nap in here. The black-out curtains are awesome for that!

His clothes were already stored in this room. So, he was already used to getting dressed in here, but his official move-in date with be when we get home from the hospital with baby 3!

Happy sleeping, Jeremiah!

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December 14, 2015

DIY Christmas Card Display

Over the past few Christmases, we've received quite a few love Christmas cards and photos from friends and family and yet have had no place to display them. 

They ended up in a stack on the counter, I believe. That's no way to enjoy them.

So, this year, I wanted to come up with an easy place to display the cards. So, using materials I already had on hand, I created a little clothesline that could hang the photos up along the front windows of our house.

We used to have our Christmas tree in this front room, but we moved it to the living room this year. So, it's nice to have some extra decoration in this room now. 

Very few materials were needed. I used red twine and taped the ends on top of the window molding. I used mini clothespins I had purchased at Target this year. And then I hung the Christmas cards!

To add a little extra fun, I printed and cut out letters to form the word "J O Y" - I found these on Pinterest. 

I just love easy little Christmas projects like this. It took about 5 minutes and is fun to see every day!

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December 9, 2015

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

I'm over at Incredible Infant today sharing the details on how to make this baby-friendly felt Christmas tree!

I made it shortly after Thanksgiving and my babies have been playing with it daily - a big distraction from the REAL tree full of breakable ornaments!

To make one for yourself, see the DIY instructions here!

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